Environmental Communications

Environmental & Reuse Sub-Committee
Environmental Compliance Status Update – June 27, 2016

1) Dust monitoring data (Perimeter PM-10 particulate and TEM airborne asbestos) and third-party inspections are being performed on a continuous basis. Results of airborne asbestos monitoring are submitted to BAAQMD on a daily basis. Results of PM-10 (particulate dust) are submitted to SFDPH on a weekly basis.

2) Lennar continues to employ a full-time dust compliance technician (Dust Buster) to monitor our CP & HPS projects. Daily third-party inspections and potential areas for improvement are forwarded via Lennar’s construction management team to various contractors at CP & HPS.

3) The entire development team continues to work closely with BAAQMD and SFDPH to address any public concerns and to prevent potential sources of visible dust.

4) Alice Griffith(CP01) Infrastructure & Vertical:

a) Contractors are continuing work on underground infrastructure in future roadways.

b) Third-party vertical builder (Nibbi on behalf of MBS) is well under way with above grade construction of new buildings. Vertical builder is continuing to work with infrastructure team to control sources of onsite dust and at all exits.

c) CP DevCo recently made interim pavement improvements to the Arelious Walker exit for adjacent residents.

5) CP Center (CP0234) Surcharge and Grading:

a) Surcharge contractor has completed surcharge of Stage 1 areas and has placed surcharge over Stage 2 areas.

b) Excavation from former Stadium site has been suspended until work begins on the Arelious Walker retaining wall. Completed surcharge piles and other inactive areas have been stabilized with tackified cellulose and other erosion stabilization measures.

c) Construction exit at Gate 2 has been repaved and Contractor continues to control all sources of visible dust and track out at all truck exits.

6) Hunters Point Shipyard Phase 1 (HPS1):

a) Regional Parks and Public Art installations are substantially complete.

b) Vertical construction of new residences continues throughout Blocks 53, 54, 56 & 57.

c) Infrastructure work at the Hillside Parcel is scheduled to begin summer 2016. Dust monitoring network will be increased to cover the disturbed area. Adjacent residents and businesses have been notified of pending start of work.

d) We continue to work with contractors on a daily basis prevent all sources of visible dust.

7) Hunters Point Shipyard Artists Parcel (HPAP):

a) Installation of new infrastructure along Galvez and Donahue is underway.

b) New Commercial Kitchen Structure is substantially complete.

c) Buildings 109 & 110 will be demolished and grading will commence in summer of 2016 to make way for Artists Replacement Building.

d) We continue to work with contractors on a daily basis prevent all sources of visible dust.

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